Sri C.M Goenka

Principal Message

Sri C.M Goenka popularly known as 'Babuji' to many believes that moral and spiritual values need to be imbibed in children to make them responsible and enlightened citizens.

His vision is to mould every child with knowledge (JNANA) and a scientific spirit (VIJNANA). He believes that a child endowed with both Jnana and Vijnana would eventually make INDIA strong.

'Babuji' believes that we should lay adequate emphasis on our 'Sanskaras' that allows every child access to higher values of our ancient tradition and culture. He believes in providing a value based education system from the very beginning when the child's mind is clear, tender and more receptive to new learning. In his own words, "If a child is educated but unaware of one's own culture and tradition, then it is not a complete education".

"Babuji" spends much of his personal time in social service. He has started a few schools in Bangalore to provide education for the children living in slums. Quite often he visits rural and other backward areas to help the poor and the needy. He is generally found feeding and clothing the poor and needy.

J.V.V.P is the brain child of 'Babuji'. He has put ideas and energy creatively at JVVP to give a platform to his vision.

Smt. Laxmi Devi Goenka

Principal Message

Smt. Laxmi Devi Goenka shoulders the responsibility of developing JVVP into one of the best schools in the city.

She is the spirit behind the ideals of 'Babuji', our founder.

Her ambition is to implement the ideals of our founder and to prepare the children to face the challenges of the world with confidence. She believes in inculcating discipline coupled with learning among children. She is concerned about the well being of every staff member of the school.

Other Trustees:

  • Sri. Chouthmal Goenka, Chairman
  • Smt. Laxmi Devi Goenka
  • Sri. Siddharth Goenka