1.  English

English is the first language. A multi skill course in English aims at developing learners’ language communication skills through carefully designed interactive tasks and exercises. The focus is on the development of learners’ competence in the language skills and their application in day to day communication. A wide selection of reading material provides an insight into variety of cultures and promotes international understanding.

  2.  Mathematics

Maths syllabus includes mathematical concepts and experiences. The sequencing of the concepts is not linear but spiral. Some important concepts for I and II std are shapes(3D and 2D), solids around us, number concepts, counting in 10s, 100s, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, question and problems to test and improve High order thinking skills, concepts on money, measurement, capacity, weight, time.

For III & IV std various mathematical operations which include 3 digit and 4 digit numbers, shapes and spatial understanding of geometrical shapes, place value beyond them and mathematical operation in fractions and decimals,money,measurement,graphical representations of data, concepts weight,measurements,volume.Time on HOTS. Maths Lab activities are conducted.

  3.  Environmental Studies

(I & II std) Things around us, family relationships, animal world, plant world, work and play, food, shelter, water, travel.
The EVS syllabus extends child's understanding of his/her world from immediate self to the neighborhood, the society and the country.

  4.  Second Language
JVVP provides an option between Kannada and Hindi. The 1st language syllabus prescribed by Karnataka government is followed on II lg Kannada syllabus, NCERT syllabus is followed for Hindi.
  5.  Third Language for V std

JVVP is offering Kannada, Hindi and Sanskrit as Third Language options for V std.

As per the directive of CBSE Board Hindi has to be studied as one of the languages. Students opting for Hindi as II language can opt for Sanskrit as III language.

  6.  Science

Science as an independent subject starts from III on wards. The curricular for science is the environment around us basic concepts in life sciences, earth and other planets ,work force, health & hygene, animal world, plant world, air and atmosphere.

  7.  Social Science

Social Science as a separate subject starts from III onwards. A glimpse into geographical features of India, States of India, culture of people their life styles, important monuments of India, natural resources of India.