1.  Continuation of activities to improve/strengthen Fine Motor Skills, Interpersonal Skills
  2.  Formal Work
  • 1 - 500 numbers - recognition, writing
  • Counting 1 - 100 (backward, forward) before, after, between numbers, skip counting, writing number names
  • Phonetics, two letter, three letter words (pronunciation and writing)
  • ___________ing form of words
  • Usage of preposition - in, out, on, inside, above, under, behind, far, near, etc...
  • Formation of simple sentences
  • Environmental Science - Orals and writing, activities, observation, recognition
  3.  II lang. - Kannada (C - t)or Hindi (A-hE) (optional) orals, recognition of alphabets, writing alphabets, pronouncing words which begin from their alphabets.
  4.  Action Rhymes in English, Kannada/Hindi
  5.  Story Telling Sessions
  6.  Drawing, Colouring, Craft Work
  7.  Indoor and Outdoor games