1.  English and Second Language

Students are evaluated on four language skills – Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening.

The school library possesses a large collection of books to promote reading habits of students. The library is kept updated to suit the requirements of the students. Creative writing workshops are conducted and the school magazine is brought out periodically in which independent write-ups of the students are published.

Literary activities such as debate, extempore speech, drama are conducted. Students are given different writing tasks as well, vocabulary building games, crossword puzzles are a part of such activities.

Four Formative Assessment are held in the above said activities and students are assessed on the basics of their progress and performance.

  2.  Mathematics

Maths lab activities are conducted regularly. Every student undertakes practical experiments to learn and understand various mathematical concepts. All activities are recorded by each student. In addition, every student undertakes a project on the given topic and prepares a project work which will be an extended learning in the subject and is related to real life situations.

  3.  Science Lab

Every student performs various experiments in physics, chemistry and biology. Students get greater practical skills through experimentation, observation, recording and interpretation of data and viva. Each student maintains separate records for each of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

  4.  Social Science

With changing societal needs and expectations, and as per the Board guidelines, the school is assessing the students performance in the subject that reflects the actual effort and understanding of the learners.

Students take one project each in IX and X std which enhances students’ understanding of different concepts, principles and generalization, interest in the subject. The basis of assessment would be the research work done by the students, original drawings, critical appreciation, illustrations, neatness in presentation and the content of the project.

In addition to the above activities, students are assessed continuously throughout the year on the basis of their class work, Home assignments, acquisition of life skills, participation in Co-curricular Activities, Physical Education, Health Education and Art Education.