Annual Calendar

Activity Calendar
December 02-Dec-17   Fancy Dress Competition
04-Dec-17 & 08-Dec-17 II Assessment - IX & X
22-Dec-17   Talents Day
January 01-Jan-18   The School reopens for III session
01-Jan-18   1st Pre Board Examination for X std
20-Jan-18   Club Activities
December 02-Dec-17   2nd Pre-Board Examination for X std
February 16-Feb-18   Farewell Party to X std
22-Feb-18 & 23-Feb-18 Art and craft Exhibition
28-Feb-18   Science Day
March 01-Mar-18   Annual Examination for IX std
15-Mar-18 & 28-Mar-18 Annual Examination for Nursery to VIII std
April 05-Apr-18   Distribution of Report Cards
05-Apr-18 & 06-Apr-18 Distribution of books for the Next Academic Year