Annual Calendar

Activity Calendar
May 24-May-18   School Re opens
June 07-Jun-18   Student Cabinet Election
11-Jun-18   Investiture Ceremony
23-Jun-18   Inauguration of Student Clubs
15-Jun-18 & 21-Jun-18 Inter class Competitions for Nursery & Primary
July 05-Jul-18 & 11-Jul-18 Periodic Assessment for classes VI to X
12-Jul-18 & 21-Jul-18 Periodic Assessment for Nursery & Primary
19-Jul-18 & 25-Jul-18 Inter House Competition for VI to X Std
August 07-Aug-18   Drawing & Colourng Competition for Nursery & primary
15-Aug-18   Independence Day Celebration
18-Aug-18   Club Activities
28-Aug-18 & 01-Sep-18 II periodic Test for VI to X Std
September 05-Sep-18   Teachers' Day Celebration
14-Sep-18   Hindi Day Celebration
20-Sep-18   Vidyaganapathi Pooja
28-Sep-18 & 12-Oct-18 Mid Term Examination
October 09-Oct-18 & 14-Oct-18 Annual Navaratri Doll Exhibition
22-Oct-18   School re-opens for Second Session
29-Oct-18 & 03-Nov-18 Annual Sports Events
November 15-Nov-18   Kannada Rajyotsava Celebration
15-Nov-18 & 18-Nov-18 Educational Tour for High School students
16-Nov-18 & 27-Nov-18 II Periodic Test for Nursery & Primary
30-Nov-18   Club Activities
December 06-Dec-18 & 12-Dec-18 III Periodic Assessment for IX & X
22-Dec-18 & 23-Dec-18 'Heritage of India' Exhibition
31-Dec-18   School reopens for III Session
January 03-Jan-19   I & II Week First Pre-board Examination for class X
07-Jan-19 & 11-Jan-19 III Periodic Assessment for VI to VIII
19-Jan-19   Club Activities
23-Jan-19 & 25-Jan-19 Picnic for Nursery, Primary & Middle School
February 04-Feb-19   II Pre Board Examination for X std & Preparatory Exam for IX std
02-Feb-19   Fancy Dress Competition for Nursery to II Std
15-Feb-18   Farewell to X std
22-Feb-19 & 23-Feb-19 Art & Craft Exhibition
March 04-Mar-19   I & II Week Annual Examination for IX std
18-Mar-19 & 30-Mar-19 Annual Examination from Nursery to VIII Std
April 04-Apr-19   Distribution of Report Cards
04-Apr-19 & 05-Apr-19 Distribution of books for the next academic year