About Us

Jnana Vijnana Vidyapeetha was founded by the Purni Devi Sawalram Goenka Memorial Education Trust in the year 2001.
The school adopts the C.B.S.E. curriculum.

Principal Message
The primary objective of this institute is to offer the child an education ecosystem that assists in the comprehensive development of the child's integral personality.

Emphasis is laid on the progress and development of the child’s overall personality. Every child undergoes a streamlined process in his/her path of progress, based on a comprehensive curriculum that aids the positive well being. The result is a well rounded psychological, physical, and spiritual growth that provides the necessary tools for the child to create his/her own desired future.

The school and everyone involved in managing the ecosystem constantly strive to imbibe qualities like humility, integrity and discipline in children that allows them to mature as individuals ready to face the competitive world with confidence.

The school is equipped with well trained, qualified and highly experienced teaching staff. Our engagement model allows cordial and seamless interaction between the students and teachers to allow mutual understanding and to develop strong bonds. We believe in an open-house concept that allows children to freely communicate their ideas and thoughts into actionable realities. The system allows children to be creative and go beyond the set echelons. At JVVP, academics and co-curricular activities go hand-in-hand.
The child therefore matures into adult ready to face the world.Principal Message


The infrastructure also includes well furnished & spacious class rooms; well equipped Audio Visual Halls; Laboratory; Library; Computer Labs; Dining Hall and a Meditation Hall.

It is our desire and a constant endeavor to provide a holistic educational system for every child we engage. Our belief is that the JVVP model would provide for every child to be a responsible and enlightened citizen in the society.